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What's in the Hong Kong Criminal Procedure Notes & Model Exam Answers (Past Paper Answers)?

Our Hong Kong Criminal Procedure Notes & Model Exam Answers (Past Paper Answers) will provide you with a clear and complete synthesis of the most important points you need for your Hong Kong Criminal Procedure PCLL Conversion exam. The table of contents of our Hong Kong Criminal Procedure Notes & Model Exam Answers (Past Paper Answers) is shown below.

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Table of Contents for Hong Kong Criminal Procedure Notes

1.           Introduction.. 4

A.     How to use Conversion Notes. 4

B.      Abbreviations and Legislation.. 5

2.           An introduction to criminal procedure in Hong Kong. 5

A.     An overview of the criminal courts. 5

i.          Magistrates’ Court 5

ii.         Juvenile Court 6

iii.        District Court 6

iv.        Court of First Instance. 6

v.         Court of Appeal 6

vi.        Court of Final Appeal 6

B.      Classification of offences. 6

i.          Summary offences. 6

ii.         Indictable offences. 6

iii.        Excepted offences. 7

3.           Police Powers. 7

A.     Stop, detain and search.. 7

B.      Search warrants. 8

C.      Arrest powers. 8

D.     Rules and directions for the questioning of suspects. 9

E.      Identification parades. 9

F.      Cautioned statements and post-recorded statements. 11

G.     Other law enforcement agencies. 11

4.           Commencement of Proceedings. 12

A.     Functions of the Secretary for Justice. 12

B.      Department of Justice’s prosecution policy and practice. 12

C.      Arrest and Charge. 14

D.     Summonses. 14

E.      Fixed Penalty Offences. 14

5.           Bail. 14

A.     The right to bail 14

i.          Presumption of entitlement to bail 14

ii.         Police bail 14

1)         Operational Bail (on condition to appear at the police station) 14

2)         Court Bail (on condition to appear at court) 15

iii.        Magistrates Court bail 15

B.      Applications to CFI for bail 17

C.      Offences relating to bail 17

6.           Indictments, Charges and Summonses. 17

A.     Form of summonses and charges. 17

B.      Indictment rules. 18

i.          Rule against duplicity. 18

ii.         Joinder of defendants and charges. 18

C.      Severance. 18

D.     Alternative charges and amendments. 18

7.           Procedure before and at Trial. 19

A.     Magistrates Court 19

i.          Pleas of guilty and trials of not-guilty pleas. 19

ii.         Transfer to the District Court 19

iii.        Committals and preliminary inquiries. 19

iv.        Review and appeals. 20

B.      District Court 20

i.          Trials, transfers to CFI and appeals. 20

C.      Court of First Instance (“CFI”) 20

i.          Voluntary bills and pre-trial procedures. 20

ii.         Juries. 21

iii.        Verdicts. 21

iv.        Appeals from the Magistrates Court 21

D.     Court of Appeal 22

i.          Appeals from District Court and CFI to Court of Appeal 22

E.      Court of Final Appeal 23

i.          Appeals from Court of Appeal to Court of Final Appeal 23

F.      Particular issues at trial 23

i.          Applications to stay proceedings. 23

ii.         Submissions of no case. 24

G.     Section 65C CPO.. 24

H.     Section 65B CPO.. 25

I.       Alibi Evidence. 26

J.       Vulnerable Witness. 26

i.          Television link. 27

ii.         Video recording. 28

iii.        Deposition in writing. 29

8.           Sentencing - Theory and Practice. 30

A.     Pleas of guilty. 30

B.      Conviction after trial 31

i.          Pre-sentence reports. 31

ii.         Sentencing guidelines, totality and starting points. 31

1)         Maximum penalty. 31

2)         Sentencing guidelines. 31

3)         Totality principle. 32

iii.        Deterrent sentences. 33

iv.        Enhanced sentences. 34

v.         Suspended sentences. 34

vi.        Non-custodial sentences. 36

1)         Young persons. 36

2)         Bind over 36

3)         Probation order 36

4)         Community Service. 36

5)         Reform School 37

6)         Rehabilitation centre. 37

7)         Detention centre. 37

8)         Training Centre. 38

9)         Others. 39

vii.       Special sentences e.g. treatment orders, hospital orders. 39

1)         Hospital orders. 39

2)         Drug addiction treatment centres. 39

C.      Pleas of mitigation.. 40

9.           Funding Criminal Litigation.. 40

A.     Private funding.. 40

i.          Costs for acquitted defendants. 40

ii.         Third party funding. 41

B.      Legal Aid.. 41

C.      Duty Lawyer Service. 42

D.     Costs in Criminal Cases Ordinance (Cap.492) 42

E.      Costs against convicted defendants. 43

F.      Assessment of costs. 44

G.     Wasted costs orders. 44



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